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this is very important and needs more reblogs

Growing food, foraging, hunting and fishing, and learning skills that allow you to step-off the hamster-wheel of the consumer system you claim to dislike is making a stand. Playing the privileged “protester” while still dependent on the system to feed and clothe you, is nonsense. Learn to provide for yourself, make clothing, and do things that are of use in your home or neighbourhood (plumbing, wiring, knitting, canning, etc.), and then establish a local barter network and skills-bank, so you can all be of service to one-another. That’s a real and meaningful protest….or learn to eat the very cardboard from which you’re making your signs, because in a socialist system, it probably has greater nutritional value than the food the State will provide you.

Only a local barter economy will allow you to break your reliance on the multifaceted network of interdependent industries that put food on your table and clothes on your back.

(Source: comunistalibertario)

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